Next Generation Science and Technology Leaders

Date / Time 2019-07-17 17:30   --   19:00
Room 0.01
Conveners / Chairs
  • DR. KIM, Hyong-ha (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science) CHAIR
"Next Generation Science and Technology Leaders Exchange/Collaboration Programme 2019" is an intensive mentoring/network building/educational programme for talented and motivated young Korean researchers from Korea and Europe. It aims to foster both their scientific and professional development. As a part of the programme, EKC 2019 presents the "Next Generation Science and Technology Leaders Forum" as a plenary session. The session comprises encouraging and mentoring lectures from two distinguished plenary speakers and free discussions with the speakers. Participants of EKC 2019 are strongly encouraged to attend the session and share their knowledge and experiences with the next generation science and technology leaders.
  • Introductory Remarks [ 17:30 - 17:40 ]
  • DR. MUYNG JA, Kim (President, Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies) [ 17:40 - 18:00 ]
    Title: Industrial Revolution and Techno Humanism
  • PROF. BOURGUIGNON, Jean-pierre (President, European Research Council) [ 18:00 - 18:20 ]
    Title: ERC, a success story of Emerging Researchers & Frontier Research open to the world
  • Conversation with the Speakers [ 18:20 - 19:00 ]