[NRF-KERC] Directions for Korean Researchers in Europe to utilize NRF and KERC

Date / Time 2019-07-18 13:00   --   15:00
Room 5.18
Conveners / Chairs
  • DR. KIM, Myon Jung (Korea-EU Research Centre (KERC)) CHAIR
This session aims to provide Korean researchers in Europe with practical information for participation in international cooperation programs under the NRF Grants and also for promotion of Korea-Europe R&D collaboration using cooperation platform, KERC scheme. It consists of three parts as follows ; 1) ‘The road to NRF vision 2030’ shows diverse programs and activities of NRF. This part will enable Korean researchers in Europe to contact NRF and participate in the respective programs. Through comprehensive R&D programs, implemented by NRF, covering all academic fields for personal and group/institute-level project, Korean researchers may find multiple paths to build and foster individual capacity and also to bring in new cooperative activities to the organization where they belong. 2) ‘Opportunities for Korean researchers in Europe’ shows the effective way to international cooperation. In particular, it explains how to join Brain Pool or Korea Research Fellowship program through which Korean government attracts excellent researchers in overseas countries to stay and conduct collaborative research with their partners in Korea. With this part, Korean researchers will get tailored information and knowledge related to bilateral and multilateral cooperation programs between Korea and Europe. Also, there will be an introduction to a R&D platform, KERC, located in Brussels, which facilitates and enhances the R&D collaboration between both sides. Once connected to KERC, Korean researchers will get opportunities of partnering and match-making for international cooperation. 3) ‘Q&A’ Accordingly, the audience can get abundant information and knowledge regarding how to find an effective path to join in the international projects between Korea & European countries and European programs(such as Horizon 2020) as well. This session deals with not only funding opportunities in a nutshell but also substantial and useful approach focusing on Korean researchers based in European countries. Additionally, there’ll be a Q&A time to meet the researcher’s individual need.
  • DR. KIM, Myon Jung (Korea-EU Research Centre (KERC)) [ 13:00 - 13:30 ]
  • DR. KANG, Dongseob (National Research Foundation) [ 13:30 - 14:00 ]